Is the key to disseminating the organization's objectives and strategic vision.

Makes it possible to share the mission and philosophy of the company.

• It inspires the organization's relations with its customers, suppliers, distributors, government, financial institutions, investors and media, among others.
• Apply practical solutions to global visions.
• Increase satisfaction and customer loyalty and belief in the product or service.
• Improved reputation: success factor for the company.

The discovery of personal and professional potential

Today we are more demanding and want to make the most of our potential. The coach's challenge is to expand the vision of the conflict and generate increasing autonomy in clients, learning to believe in their own abilities to solve problems. The sessions take place in a framework of trust and confidentiality so as not to jeopardize the future professional and personal every customer, whether an individual or organization.

Executives Coaches / Coaches Lifes:

 The consultant executive coach:

 It is an alter ego who listens, helps you discover and prioritize personal career goals and their consultants. Define strategies to develop personal skills, leadership and management. Show models to live with paradox and uncertainty, increasing the flexibility to adapt to changes and speed in decision-making.


  The coacher choose the topic you want to improve. He / Executive Coach adopts the attitude of active listening and accompanies the consultant to gain clarity and precision about the origin of the problem and find solutions for yourself.

1. Knowledge and needs assessment of the consultant
2. Realization of objectives: Strengthening personal skills, directives, creativity and management.
3. Planning learning techniques.
4. Training.
5. Track the results.

It begins with an individual session a week, ranging between 60 and 90 minutes spread over 4 months and extending alternating fortnightly 3 months to measure the changes made.

 Business Coaches:

 The company requests a specialist in a particular area, so that he / the Coah analyzes the situation, makes a diagnosis and proposes the best solution for resolving conflicts.
He / coach can overcome the stress, improve the climate of teamwork, true leadership fosters and promotes the self-motivation, creativity and talent. Enables people to share a vision of meaning and future of the organization. This benefits the service quality, accuracy and efficiency and business management. It also helps to prevent occupational hazards optimizing resources.

Although the Business Coaching can be related to a technique aimed at the leadership of the organization, also be applied to the entire team. In the group coachings times are similar to personal coachings, combining group sessions with individuals.



San Diego / Barcelona. We combine expertise expand the methodology of coaching, relax and enjoy all in one. An innovative and unique specialty Openmind Consultants we have created together with Re-Krea.

We offer coaching focused on management skills and mindfulness-taught by the best specialists - with exclusive tours of some of the most beautiful places in Europe in Barcelona and Catalonia. Discover its architecture, rich cultural and artistic, gastronomic also in a space designed for participants to immerse themselves in a world of wisdom, wellness and beauty.

The program allows each person to choose what your best option and leaves in our hands the resolution of even the smallest detail. Learn enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and innovative is simply irresistible.


 The coaching service is also available remotely via phone or email. Half an hour on the phone every week is very effective, as well as a weekly consultation online, especially when there have been several meetings in person. T:  00 34 609 19 78 92