Classroom coaching

Classroom coaching

We have started a series of coachings in the classroom at the Levante School (Barcelona) to make children discover Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how it applies to their lives. Each session is 50 minutes.

It is aimed at the students of the two lines of Primary Room (50 children) to help them grow in emotional intelligence applied to day to day, working intra and interpersonal communication, assertiveness and empathy, stress management (also with Mindfulness), the resolution of conflicts (focused -among others- on overcoming bulling) and teamwork.

Coaching offers the theoretical base linked to the practical part in an indissoluble way.
- Orientation towards the objectives, vision of goal, dialogues based on quality questions that push to find clear, precise, interesting and innovative answers.

- Continuity exercises. Self-knowledge games. Symbology, Neuroscience and Creativity applied.

- Proposals for effective solutions and explained and discovered from the dialogue.

It is a fantastic and stimulating experience. We will tell you the final result;).